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Prostate Milking - The Facts About Milking The Prostate Gland

Prostate milking is a medical based procedure and can be used to benefit men in several ways.

The most important reason for prostate milking is to relieve men from excess seminal fluid and can be very beneficial for men suffering from chronic prostatitis and benign prostatic hyperplasia or BHP. Men who suffer from acute prostatitis should avoid milking the prostate gland as the prostate infection can spread elsewhere in the body, thus making this procedure a highly dangerous one for those individuals.

More and more medical practitioners believe that a regular prostate milking, even in those individuals that are not experiencing any problems with their prostate can be very beneficial for regular healthy prostate maitenance. It is believed that regularily flushing out the seminal ducts of excess seminal fluid will delay or lessen certain prostate disorders as men age. Thus, men of all ages can benefit from a regular prostate milking to either maintain prostate health or lessen the symptoms of several age related prostate disorders and conditions.

Prostate milking also brings the additional benefit of bringing an increased amount of blood and oxygen to the pelvic region. This increased blood flow to the pelvic region helps to keep the male pelvic floor muscles loose and decrease tension in this area. It is also speculated that when there is a a reduced flow of blood and oxygen to the male pelvic area that this can contribute to prostate problems as well.

Another benefit men may experience from prostate milking is a prostate orgasm. These orgasms are often much more intense and of a longer duration than a typical male orgasm. Many men enjoy a prostate orgasm as much, or even more than a typical orgasm.

These prostate orgasms are much different in nature as the penile member is not stimulated, just the prostate. As well, much more seminal fluid is released which offers additional prostate gland benefits.

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