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How To French Kiss - In 5 Simple Steps

Kissing is one of the best experiences you can have and it is the best way to express one's emotions but French kissing is a bit different and there is a certain art and a technique involved in French kissing. A French kiss is more than a simple kiss as it is more intense and involves a higher emotional intensity. Read on to find out some of the advanced tips and techniques on how to French kiss and attain maximum pleasure out of it.

Choose a side- You don't want your noses to bump when you are kissing do you (ha ha)? Therefore the very first step towards French kissing is to choose a side you are comfortable with which could be either left or right.

Start gently- The next step towards that perfect French kiss is to start kissing your partner gently. Remember the softer and gentle you are at first the greater the pleasure would be when you French kiss your partner later.

Reach that perfect mood- Once you are in the middle of a kiss with your partner wait for that right moment to initiate that perfect French kiss. Once you feel you are mid way through your kiss gently try to insert your tongue in your partner's mouth and get it into contact with his or her tongue.

Play around- Once you are in contact with other persons tongue you can start tickling his or her tongue with yours as this is the most effective and perfect way of French kissing. If you feel like biting his or her tongue make it a point to bite it gently and keep it soft all the way. Remember French is about kissing not wrestling with the person therefore keep the kiss soft and smooth.

Practice breathing- One of the major problems most people face during a French kiss is breathing. Always try to breath through your nose during a French kiss and never through your mouth. Remember the more you practice the better you would become at French kissing.

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