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Billie Piper, British Vocalist and Picture Rumors

Billie Piper oops pics are hard to find, and while many people think they have found them, they are often refuted and found as fakes. Why would people want to see Billy Piper oops pics? The young British vocalist was at a time the poster girl for a Smash Hits, a British pop magazine and has been dubbed the "Princess of Pop" in Britain. She's often compared to Britney Spears -- but for Britain

Billie Piper oops pics may be hard to find, but Billie's talent isn't. Billie Piper's music career started when at 15 she debuted with her #1 hit "Because We Want To" followed by another #1, "Girlfriend." Not limiting herself to the microphone, Billie's acting career has included this year's TV series "Doctor Who Confidential", "Victoria Wood with All the Trimmings", "Winton's Wonderland" and "Dale's All Stars."

So what are "oops pics?" Often when celebrities are not in the public eye, they are more relaxed in their nature. Perhaps they'll be in an old pair of pajamas, sunbathing in the nude of their Beverly Hills mansions, maybe even just shopping in a local grocery store without the bling bling and heavy makeup. The fact that these pictures become circulated around the internet, the press agents go "oops" and hope that they don't make the next cover of the tabloids.

Billie Piper oops pics will continue to be sought, but meanwhile you can listen to her music CDs found on many store shelves right now, as well as a lot of online websites who offer her MP3s. We highly recommend that you give Billie Piper a look -- and we don't just mean her oops pics.

Billie Piper will make a comeback with her authentic blend of pop music. Keep your eyes open all over the internet for Billie Piper's future music CDs.

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