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The 1920s Entrepreneurial Spirit

The Roaring Twenties, as the age is popularly known, was a time of great change in America and throughout the world. Most notable was the change in the business mindset that marks the 1920's as a defining decade in world business history.o

Advertisers' Role in the Birth of Modern America

Many of us know the role that business people like Coco Chanel, Henry Ford, and Walt Disney played in the booming world economy and the birth of modern business as we know it today. Advertisers had to shift their roles from that of simple feature disclosure, t telling stories about how a new product could change it's users lives: by making them more beautiful, making their life easier, or just keeping up appearances to the neighbors (keeping up with the Jones's). Following in the footsteps of the father of modern advertising, Claude Hopkins, advertisers in the 1920's learned how to get inside their customers head through effective branding and slogan techniques.

The Economic Boom

Through effective use of the newfound advertising techniques, American brand consciousness exploded. People became aware of the "new" and better products so they could make their lives healthier and easier. They also bought products in order to distinguish themselves from others, like cars, watches, jewelry etc. As you know, the Roaring Twenties are defined by their individuality and belief in personal freedom. It is my contention that this is more the message of effective advertising than it was people's beliefs. Even through the economic downturn that came in 1929, companies that had done well branding themselves during the previous decade continued to thrive while the companies that had not wilted and died.

The Modern Consumer

Everyone knows that the fashions changed from the Victorian age to the modern fashion we see walking the streets today. What everyone doesn't know is the role that business people played in shaping their thoughts and beliefs through their call to action to buy, buy, buy. The modern consciousness has been shaped by the fact that products were readily available and pitched everywhere, movies, radio, and newspapers, this shift in consumer thought processes occurred during the twenties.

The twenties played an immense role in making the world what we know it today. Through effective advertising consumer consciousness, and brand awareness changed. It was the business people of the 1920's that made America modern.

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