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Landscaping With Mature Trees: Branching Out

You love the look of that stately old trees can add to a yard, but you canít imagine having to wait fifteen or twenty years for the trees you plant to attain a size which begins to give your yard the same look. Is there a way that you can reduce the time between planting a tree and enjoying the shade and graceful elegance it provides?

There is, and it involves landscaping with mature trees. But landscaping mature trees is not for everyone. You need to go into the process with your eyes wide open and with your brain full of information gleaned from extensive advance research. You have to be certain of two things when you begin landscaping mature trees.

Tips For Landscaping With Mature Trees

First, you must have places in your yard where the mature trees will fit; and second, you must know that when you plant the mature trees in those locations that they will flourish.

Landscaping mature trees requires your yard to have plenty of space to accommodate them. Youíll not only need a large expanse of unused ground; youíll need a location where you can dig a hole deep enough to contain the mature treeís root ball without crowding it. Youíll have to select a location where the treeís height will neither interfere with existing power lines, nor threaten your home should it be uprooted in a storm.

The whole point of landscaping mature trees

is to place them where they will add visual impact to your yard, and this will take some thought. You should have a clear idea of how the trees will look before you start.

You donít want to make the mistake of planting your mature tress, deciding you donít like their positioning, and having to remove them and begin again. Landscaping mature trees is a labor-intensive project, so getting it right the first time can save you a great deal of grief.

If you think landscaping mature trees will give your yard the established look it is missing, consult with the experts at your local plant nursery or home improvement store about what other landscaping elements will look best with them. Mature trees, because of their size, can overwhelm landscaping features which would look fine with younger ones.

Consult With a Pro

Talking to an expert may answer your questions about successfully landscaping with mature trees; you can learn both which species of trees will thrive in your yardís soil, drainage, and light exposure conditions, and what sort of maintenance they require.

If the expert answers you get sound like gibberish to your ears, donít be shy about asking to have them explained in language you can understand. The last thing you want to do is begin excavating your yard without very clear ideas of what you are doing and why you are doing it!

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