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How to Enjoy Disney Today

When I was a freshman in college I convinced a couple of my roommates to take a weekend trip with me to Disneyland to brush off the pressure of mid-terms. I needed to escape reality for awhile, and the one place far from home that could do that for me was "The Happiest Place on Earth".

I have so many fond memories of that place, but at that time nothing could have been sweeter than reliving them. I still get chills when I think about sitting under Sleeping Beauty's castle and listening to When You Wish Upon a Star over and over. Of course, I was a freshman boy in college, so we also took our little signature books and stood in line to get the autographs of all the princesses.

Now I have three daughters of my own, and I hope they can have the same kind of Disney memories that I have. That may seem harder for us today than it was for our parents, mainly because it all seems so much more commercial. What are their Disney memories going to be? And how do we continue to enjoy Disney ourselves? Disney is big business that is true, but I am comforted by the thought that it is big business aimed at giving families what they want. As families we need to be clear about what those wants are.

Here are some Disney memory creation suggestions:

Disney movies and cartoons: where the magic begins for our children. But don't just flip on the Disney Channel and call it good, expose them to the best of the old and new.

I absolutely love the new Pixar cartoons as do my children, but they also love the old classics like Bambi and Beauty and the Beast just as much or more. They don't care if it's 3D or 2D, or if it shows off the latest in special effects, they just love to use their imagination.

Live Disney shows: I think that Disney has realized that there is not much magic left in the movies-what else could they possibly do too surprise us? So they have refreshed quite a few old works and put them on the stage. Getting our children interested in theater can be so valuable, and now you can see old favorites like Little Mermaid, Beauty and the Beast, Lion King, and now Mary Poppins live. Many of these shows are on the road, so watch for when they pass through your town.

Vacations: going on a Disney vacation may still be the most magical way to get kids to enjoy Disney. Plan ahead, and take my advice-make the goal of your vacation to have it be enjoyable for your children, and you will have more fun than you can imagine. Save as a family, look ahead for good deals, and have the time of your lives.

I am a singer, teacher, and writer. I enjoy introducing families to tips on how to help them enhance their experience together.

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