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Using a Bed Wetting Alarm Effectively

While most bed wetting problems resolve on their own, in some cases wetting the bed can continue into late childhood and even into the teenage years. When bed wetting continues to be a problem, it is imperative that parents get their children the help they need. Bed wetting can become a serious and even debilitating problem if not addressed properly, and it is important for parents to work with their child’s pediatrician to find an effective solution.

For many parents and children, the most effective treatment for this condition will be the installation of a bed wetting alarm. This type of alarm is designed to activate when it senses moisture, effectively waking the child and providing them with the opportunity to head to the bathroom.

Even though a bed wetting alarm can be very effective, however, it is important for parents and children to use this technology effectively. It is important for parents to give their kids proper instructions on how the alarm functions and how such an alarm can be used to retrain their bladders.

It is important for the child to understand that the purpose of the alarm is to help them get up during the night to urinate. The child will need to understand that the key to success with such an alarm is to get up as soon as the alarm is heard, or better yet to get up before the alarm activates.

It is also a good idea to allow the child to experiment with the alarm on their own and to activate the buzzer a few times. It is important that the child practice using the alarm, and reacting appropriately to the buzzer.

Parents should also make sure that the child has ready access to a flashlight, or that the room has a nightlight. This will make it easier for the child to find the bathroom when the need arises. While these bed wetting alarms can be a real solution, they work best when combined with the best efforts of both the child and the parents.

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