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Celebrities and Our Fascination with Them

We watch them nightly on our televisions, not only in their sitcoms but also in the dozens of tabloid news shows that were solely created for us to live vicariously through the celebrities of the world. These celebrities live such glamorous lives filled with decadence and spontaneity which makes for a great getaway from the normal world known as everyday life. The fact that their lives are what story book fairy tales and movies are made of makes it more then normal that the rest of society would take notice. The question that is constantly asked is whether it's the astonishing lives they live that truly is the allure or if it is the lack of contentment and enjoyment in our own lives that gravitate us towards these celebrities.

Celebrity obsession is certainly nothing new. If anything you would have figured we as a society would have become more accustomed to and quite bored with celebrities by now. As far back as you can go in history you will see that we have made celebrities almost royalty in the sense that not only does our society need to hear and see their every move and action of these celebrities but large corporations are aware of the fact that we trust the opinions and endorsement of these celebrities more then we trust our own. Turn on your television and you will be bombarded with celebrities selling you everything from fast food to weight loss pills. Can you believe the irony of all of this? We as a society support these celebrities to such and extent that they are now millionaires yet we now put them in a position to make even more money by us purchasing the products they promote.

Do we all really want to be celebrities? Well, the answer is yes and no. The fact of the matter is not many of us are talented enough to excel in sports or the entertainment world and a lot of us would not care to be bothered with the burdens that come with the lives of celebrities. However, each and every one of us, whether it is at work or in our homes, do contribute and would love to feel appreciated for what it is we do on a daily basis. When is the last time a parent was thanked for doing a great job? When was the last time a camera crew showed up at your house and told you what a wonderful job you had done in decorating it? The point I am trying to make here is that for the most part when we watch these celebrities with such admiration it is not the fact that they are rich and famous that peaks our attention, it's simply the fact that others care about what they do!

What a perfect world it would be if we could all at least be celebrities in our own lives. Cooking, cleaning and working hard everyday may not be glamorous but it certainly should be commended. Next time you feel the need the need to watch and adore a celebrity on the television pick up the phone and give a friend or family member a call and give them the attention that may make them feel like these celebrities do.

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