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Scaring Your Friends With A Vampire Costume

Every year, the popularity of vampires grows. This is largely because of all the media surrounding these mythical creatures. There are books, movies, and television shows that focus on vampires and their romantic lives. Because of this, vampire costumes are very popular for Halloween. If you are having a hard time thinking of what to wear to that Halloween costume party youíve been invited to, you should consider the different kinds of vampire costumes that you could wear.

The only thing you definitely need if you are going to wear a vampire Halloween costume is the teeth. Vampires are best known for their sharp teeth, which they use to bite their human prey in order to suck their blood. If you want to be a vampire, then you have to have the teeth in order to pull the costume off.

One way that women like to dress up as a vampire is to wear a sexy vampire costume. In addition to having the necessary vampire teeth, you should also wear revealing clothing if you are planning on being a sexy vampire. Your clothes should be black. Itís also okay to add some amount of blood red to the color of your costume as well. Wear short skirts and low cut tops for this. Black fishnet stockings are also a good idea for this vampire costume.

If you canít get the teeth but you still want a costume that has to do with vampires, you could always be a vampire slayer. This can be achieved by getting some stakes, a crucifix, and perhaps a ring of garlic. Show these items on your person and you can say you are wearing a vampire slayer costume. This is a good female vampire costume for girls who donít want to be too revealing in their clothing, too.

Most vampire costumes are in the realm of the gothic. A gothic vampire costume will have a lot of black. Itís also appropriate to wear some amount of black lace, whether you are a man or a woman. Donít forget to wear some black eye makeup with this version of the vampire costume as well. This is a good boy or girl vampire costume because nearly anyone can pull off the gothic look.

The great thing about vampire costumes is that there are so many variations that you can go with. Some Halloween costume ideas are really rigid, but thatís not the case with this one.

If you are looking for a vampire Halloween costume, look no further. Here you will find a sexy vampire costume and a variety of devil and vampire masks.