Plus Size Clothing ยป Urban Clothing

Fashion Tips For Urban Wear Sellers

The urban market is unique in the sense that the customer base buys out of a sense of popular appeal, as opposed to practical considerations.

While the business attire market buys based on practical considerations such as corporate dress codes and client interactions, the urban market buys based on other criteria.

Customers buying urban clothing will opt for extra large sized clothing, even if their regular size is smaller.

To maximize your urban wear sales you need to use these urban fashion tips.

Urban Fashion Tip #1

Concentrate on large sizes.

Large sizes sell well because the style is to wear baggy and extra large looking clothing. While the customer may only need a medium sized shirt, he will often prefer a 2X or larger sized shirt.

Urban Fashion Tip #2

Bright colors rule.

The name of the game is flash appeal. The louder the clothing is, the more it will stand out. With prices ranging over $100 for a pair of jeans, urban wear customers want their clothing to be noticeable.

Urban Fashion Tip #3

The name is worth gold. Before you check the quality, check the name. Retailers of urban clothing know how important the name is. Customers want the brands which are hot, and will vote with their wallets for the hottest urban brands.

Urban Fashion Tip #4

Jeans sell. Simply said, urban and hip hop jeans sell. Jeans are considered an intrinsic element of the urban wear wardrobe.

Urban Fashion Tip #5

Outfits outsell single pieces. To experience skyrocketing urban wear sales retailers should stock up on sets. While customers will be willing to buy assorted clothing, and put together their own sets, nothing sells as well as complete ready to wear sets.

Donny Lowy runs an online wholesale and closeout business that supplies brand name products to eBay sellers, retailers, and flea market vendors. Donny can be reached at 718-389-5502