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Catalog Addiction - Are You One of the Many

There is an epidemic in our country today, and it's growing more severe every day. What is this unrelenting obsession? Itís called catalog addiction. Do you have this irresistible craving?

Yes, those great little booklets that show up on your doorstep every other day give you your fix. They lure you in and take control of your browsing and shopping senses.

A big problem that you probably deal with on a day-to-day basis is how to get more catalogs. One way to try to serve this compulsion is to contact the catalog companies directly and ask them to mail their catalogs. This can be done over the Internet at the catalog companiesí websites, where most of them have an online submission that can be filled out to receive catalogs. The major problem with this tactic of obtaining catalogs is that you might not actually receive the catalog even after youíve asked the company to mail it. The reason for this is that many catalog companies can't afford to mail a catalog to each and every person that asks for it. So they just select a small portion of the list. Another problem with this is even if you are one of the lucky ones to get picked, it might take a while to show up since the company canít afford to express mail catalogs to each person.

But donít have an anxiety attack just yet. Thereís a perfect solution to this catalog crisis. Thanks to the heavenly wonderful Internet, you can get your catalog fix right online, anytime, anywhere. Most catalog companies, or at least the ones worth their salt, have created digital versions of their catalogs and have posted them online. This is great for the catalog addict because now these catalogs are available 24/7 and no more waiting and hoping for those beautiful little booklets to arrive in the mail.

Whatís even more exciting is that thereís a destination online where people can find all these digital catalogs in one great user-friendly place. is a one-stop shop for every digital catalog on the planet. FlipSeek has roughly 200 catalogs listed in its index. As new digital versions come available, they are added immediately so that catalog lovers always have a complete selection at their fingertips.

Catalog addiction can sometimes feel like an undeniable need that overtakes the brain. Many people who suffer from this situation feel like they just canít get enough catalogs in their lives. With all of this overwhelming the senses, the Internet comes to the rescue and delivers what is needed. It provides a steady stream of great catalogs that are always current and always available.

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