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Straight Edge Marketing Distributors, Did You Choose The Right Opportunity?

Are you currently a Straight Edge Marketing distributor new to network marketing? Are you really excited about the cutting edge technology that Straight Edge Marketing provides? Do you want to just share this business opportunity with other people and have them join up with you and for them experience the same joy and happiness that you have?

Honestly, I feel very happy for you if you are feeling this way. But if you think this is all about sending emails, making cold calls, and trying to get leads all day I'm sorry to tell you this may not be the opportunity for you. As the title suggests, everyone is trying to find the "Best Opportunity" that will get you started on the path to success.

Let me ask you if you had a choice to choose between your passion and money, which would you choose? Most say that the money sounds good but it is always the passion that will take you through the ups and downs of any business.

In the same way that you chose to join Straight Edge Marketing for their excellent product or service, do you feel that it can benefit yourself as well as others? Or did you join because you've heard you could make a lot of money? For the latter, there are many different directions that you can go with this.

If money is your only motivation long term you may not be as excited about your product/service and this could reflect in your presentations and eventually your sales. To be blunt to have any measure of success, you need to be involved in a opportunity or company that does something you have an interest in. When you have determination, enthusiasm, and motivation over time everything else will fall in place.

Overall, Straight Edge Marketing as well as most companies have a great product, compensation plan, and great leadership. However, where most companies like Straight Edge Marketing fall short is the online marketing part of the equation. Most companies provide their distributors with a replicated website (the same one that everyone gets) which ranks very low on the search engines. The major search engines like Google usually recognize this and the distributor suffers because of it.

In addition to marketing the product companies like Straight Edge Marketing should invest more time in teaching their distributors how to properly market online to be competitive in the marketplace. Distributors are missing a lot of opportunities because in most cases they do not have these skills, which are necessary in today's environment. In the year 2007 if you are not marketing your website properly online you are not even in the game.

This has been the strategy used by many heavy hitters within the network marketing industry for some time to generate massive amounts of new distributors on a consistent basis. For those that position themselves correctly now within Straight Edge Marketing and new start up companies like them, it will only be a matter of time before we see the next heavy hitter. Learn how to be one of a few that market your business on the Internet for massive results.

Sean Walters is a veteran online marketer who has provided many network marketers and online marketers with the tools to take their businesses to the next level for massive results.