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Jeans and Vests Allow You to Carry Concealed Guns in Style

Thirty-seven states in the United States allow citizens to carry concealed weapons. California, Delaware, Hawaii, Iowa, Maryland, New Jersey, Massachusetts, New York, and Rhode Island have some restrictions on the books, as do the District of Columbia, the Virgin Islands, and Puerto Rico. Kansas, Illinois, Nebraska, and Wisconsin have denied citizens the right to carry concealed weapons.

Although you may have a permit to carry concealed guns in one state, that doesn't necessarily mean that you can carry concealed in other states. Certain states don't allow non-residents to carry concealed guns, while others allow concealed carry providing you have your permit with you and/or notify an officer when carrying. It's always best to check the laws of the jurisdiction you will be entering prior to carrying concealed.

Once you have your permit to carry concealed guns, the question becomes, "What's the best way to carry them?" Since, in most jurisdictions, it is illegal to show your concealed gun in public, you must find a way to secure your gun holsters out of sight.

A popular way to carry concealed guns is to put them in whatever you are carrying. A fanny pack, a purse, a soft-sided briefcase, and a backpack all make for decent - albeit unconventional - gun holsters. You can also purchase more conventional holsters, such as a shoulder holster, side holster, back holster, or an ankle holster for your concealed carry.

Increasingly, those who are carrying concealed are choosing to buy clothing made expressly for that purpose. Toters, a brand of jeans and vests created by veteran holster and knife designer Blackie Collins, are an example of an innovative alternative to bulky holsters, fanny packs, and briefcases. Toters jeans combine the look, feel, and comfort of a regular pair of jeans, but add ruggedness, functionality, and versatility. They can accommodate and conceal virtually any size of handgun safely and securely.

Toters jeans are unique in that they have a second front pocket and a rear pocket that are lined with super-strong material that prevents the concealed carry from imprinting or wearing through the denim of the jeans. In addition, the special front pocket has an adjustable holstering system.

Toters vests feature holstering pockets in both the left and right sides of the vest that are deep and wide enough to carry a variety of concealed guns.

When you carry concealed guns, it's important to have easy access to your weapon. Specially designed clothing alleviates the problem of holster bulkiness while allowing you to feel secure in knowing that your weapon is close at hand.

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