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How To Plan For An Ancient Greek Wedding Theme

Most women, if not all, hope to marry the man of their dreams. So, if you are one of the lucky women who are doing just that, then you just might see your husband-to-be as one of the remarkable Greek gods. For your own wedding, why not go for an ancient Greek wedding theme? Now, do no think of your wedding to be like your ordinary Greek toga party held during college because this is certainly not the case. This is actually a popular misconception because of the usual Greek parties help by fraternities and sororities in just about any college. Although these parties are indeed fun in nature, they do not encompass the elegance of weddings. It is also because of this popular association that this wedding theme has been overlooked by so many people these days. Still, if you do take the time to consider this option, you just might find the perfect theme for your wedding.

Of course, when you are implementing this theme, you definitely have a lot of things to deal with. An ancient Greek wedding goes way beyond just the decorations of the environment. You also have to consider the aspects of appearance for you and your husband-to-be, as well as that of your guests.

Your wedding gown has to be patterned and designed in such a way that the ancient styles favored by the Greeks during their time would be properly manifested. There are so many tasteful designs that you can choose from. Have you ever seen sculptures of Greek goddesses, such as Aphrodite? Their delicate dresses can be used as patterns for your wedding dress. Imagine how timeless, classic, and elegant you would look! Complete your gown with simple wedding sandals so reminiscent of ancient Greek fashion, and you are good to go!

Try to find a facility that comes with pillars, so that you can get that Greek atmosphere for your wedding. But if you cannot find such a facility, you can then use Styrofoam to create your pillars. This is not as easy as it may seem, but with the help of friends and family, you can still capture that ambiance you are aiming for. You can also place Greek urns at strategic locations all over the room. These urns can be purchased at just about any craft store you can find. You can even purchase these online.

But if you really want that stellar ancient Greek wedding theme, then you should consider renting a fog machine. The presence of fog can add to that Mount Olympus feeling for your wedding. You can use the fog machine for your ceremony itself or for your reception!

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