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How To Attract Beautiful Women

If you want to attract a beautiful woman, you need to be educated, tall and make a lot of money. If you have those three things going for you, you don’t have to look like Brad Pitt, you attract women everywhere you go.

Another point you must remember in order to attract a beautiful woman is you cannot be boring. Beautiful women like adventurous, unpredictable men. They like men who are fun to be around and dare to take chances. They say what they think, and they mean what they say. They have a sense of humor and have a little of the “bad guy” aura hovering around them. Remember things that the lady says, like her favorite foods, favorite activities, etc. Don’t rush into a date taking her to her favorite restaurant or a horseback riding date (if that’s her favorite activity) Instead, wait a couple of weeks, then spring a surprise night out or afternoon at the ocean riding horses. It works like a charm. Beautiful women love spontaneity, and if you can stay cool and plan things at your pace – not hers – you’ve got it made. Also remember that women love men that aren’t afraid to be different.

Other ways to attract beautiful is to not be afraid to look at them. Sometimes a woman is particularly stunning and a man finds it hard to hold eye contact with them. Stare right into her eyes and strike up a normal conversation with her. Let her know that you are more interested in her –what she likes, dislikes, etc. – not how beautiful she is.

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