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Stila Cosmetics - An Honest Review of the Stila Cosmetics Line

Stila cosmetics are the best available today, and there are many reasons why they're far superior than the competition. Just taking a look at their award winning eyeshadow line, it's easy to see why so many women consistently choose Stila cosmetics over any other brand. Even though Stila is a more expensive brand than any of the others you can find at a drug store, sometimes it's worth the extra money to get the quality you need. The packaging is whimsical and pretty, which means that you'll never be embarrassed to pull out your Stila compact when you go to powder your nose or touch up your lipstick.

I always find myself laughing at women who buy expensive designer purses, then skimp on everyday necessities. What good is a nice handbag when your face looks old and your make up is streaky? Stila cosmetics line really gets that women require nice things in every capacity, and fulfill the needs of gals who don't want to cheat themselves out of little luxuries. The current Fall Fantasy line of Stila cosmetics has three mood matching palettes that will make your face look well put together, without being too matchy. Right now, when you buy one of the palettes you get a beautiful agate necklace for free. The days of matching lipstick, eyeshadow and nail polish went out with the 1980s.

Still, Stila cosmetics has a very popular vintage line that takes the days of the old and transforms them to fit into today's fashion world. Beyond just regular makeup, Stila cosmetics also has brushes, accessories, skincare, fragrance and body lines that women in the know can't get enough of. If you aren't sure how to get the look that you're going for, you can even ask a makeup artist for tips, free of charge, on their website.

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