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How To Sell Discontinued Arbonne Products To New Prospects

Arbonne consultants work hard. They know their products because they use them and they are always looking for new prospects to help grow their business. But how do they deal with surplus inventory when the product lines change?

Often times, consultants have a healthy inventory of cosmetics, vitamins, and skin care products so they can give their clients great service and so they can maintain their sales numbers month after month.

But, when Arbonne International changes their product lines to keep up with trends, generate consumer interest, and to increase the buying habits of their customers and consultants, many Arbonne consultants are left with a large inventory of discontinued products.

This can be an awkward thing for the consultant because the products no longer match the new business aids and even the prices on the Arbonne products can change. Many consultants may think this is a bad place to be, but the truth is there is an upside to the whole situation.

Offering discontinued Arbonne products at discount prices can be a very effective way to attract new prospects and reduce inventory of discontinued products. Here's how it works.

New prospects are offered the discontinued products at a huge discount when they sign up as as Arbonne client. They must sign up as a new client to get the deep discount! This is very important.

The prospect is reminded that the discontinued product is virtually the same as the new product except for the new packaging.

Once the prospect signs up as an Arbonne client they are given their website log in so they can order from the new product line when the run out of the discontinued item.

The consultant doesn't have to go for the hard sell because the prospect has been encouraged to take action by the discount pricing.

Once the prospect buys the product, they are now a consumer. Over time, the new client will purchase enough product to out-weigh the initial cost of the discount to the Arbonne consultant.

Knowing the value of an customer is an important point to remember and one that makes the idea of selling discontinued Arbonne products at a discount a good idea.

Once the prospect has been converted into an client, the Arbonne consultant gives the new client product information on a regular basis and keeps them informed about about how to order online when they run out.

In the end, the consultant reduces their inventory, gains a new client, and moves their business one step further ahead. Remember, it is not the big sale that moves the needle. It is an army of little ones that matter.

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