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The Cure For Single Women Lonliness - Small Dogs

These days, it seems like more and more women are choosing to hold off on marriage. 20 or 30 years ago, it wasnít uncommon to see couples getting married as soon they graduated high school. It was normal for couples to do the whole marriage thing and start a family before the age of 23.

Nowadays, people gasp at the thought of getting married so young. And they should with the divorce rate so high in the United States; couples should make absolutely sure that the person they marry will be a life long commitment. So what happens to the millions of women that decide to remain single or suffer through a rough divorce? Well, many find companionship and unconditional love from another source, their dogs.

Today, we see more and more single woman, or recently divorced woman buying dogs to fulfill a gap in their lives. Being a breeder of Yorkies, a toy breed dog, I can vouch for this first hand. These women are looking for someone to love, and to reciprocate that love. Theyíre looking for a companion that they can share their love with, minus the tumultuous drama that go along with a boyfriend or a husband.

What better answer to these problems than a dog? What other mammal, including humans, will exude overwhelming love, excitement and joy every time you come home from a long dayís work. Who else will love you unconditionally no mater what, and I really mean no matter what happens between you two. Only a dog can provide this sort of love, and thatís why we see more and more woman choosing a dog as their companion.

I mean, all a dog really wants is to be fed and loved. A man just has too many other needs and emotions. For example, you want to go shopping at the mall. However, itís football season, and thereís no way in hell that your man is going leave that couch, especially to go shopping. As for Fido, theyíre more than willing to go anywhere, as long as itís with you!

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