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How to Use a Buddy to Help You Meet Single Women

Are you a bit shy when it comes to approaching single women? Don't feel lonesome, this is a very common problem among lots of men.

I want to tell you about a method of approaching single women that will eliminate the pressure of approaching women that you are attracted to and would like to meet.

Before I reveal this method, keep this very important fact in mind. Single women want to meet you just as much as you want to meet them. And the best way to meet them is to do it in a way that doesn't appear to them that you are trying to pick them up.

Here's a good way to accomplish this:

You will need a friend to help you do this. Wherever you happen to be and you see a woman you would like to meet, have your friend walk over to her and say, "I have a friend who thinks you are very pretty and would like to meet you. May I introduce him to you?"

Most likely she won't object to meeting you and your friend will simply escort her over to you to introduce you. Then you turn on your charm and take it from there.

In closing, try this system of using a friend to help you meet women. It works!

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