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Wedding Clip Art

One of the events that many people look forward to is their wedding day—after all, many people believe that this occasion should happen only once and should be given special attention. To assist people who are getting married or those who work as wedding planners, artists have crafted and created wonderful wedding clip art.

What is wedding clip art?

Wedding clip art actually are wedding images and graphics that have been copied or cut. Just like any other clip art, wedding clip art could come as printed images or they could also come as electronic images. Also, just like any other clip art, they could be offered as a paid commodity or they could also come free of charge. Although the average size of a clip art is 8-bits or lower, there are some wedding clip art available which can be further edited and enlarged without causing the image to pixelize.

Where is wedding clip art used?

Of course, wedding clip art could be used for anything that pertains to weddings. These images could be used as decorations in wedding invitations, souvenirs, and programs. They could also be enlarged and later used as decorations in the reception banquet or venue.

Wedding clip art could also be used by individuals, organizations, companies, and businesses that offer wedding planning, wedding coordination, or other services and products that pertain to weddings. These businesses could then use these images as part of their brochures, advertisements, or even their calling cards.

In what designs do these wedding clip art come?

There are various designs characteristic to wedding clip art. Anything and everything that could provide an image of a wedding is considered to be wedding clip art. The most common designs include scenes of the wedding ceremony, a bride, a bride and groom, a ring, two doves, hearts, high-tiered cakes, and bouquets of flowers among many others.

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