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You Can Win Your Next Beauty Contest - The Beauty Mindset Says it All

What kinds of things run through you mind when preparing for the beauty pageant? What do you think about on stage? How about before/during a judging interview? What runs in your mind?

Some of the most common worries that I gather from being at the backstage of beauty pageants are these?

I hope my dress is ok.
Is my smile looking sweet?
Will they like me?
What if I trip and fall?
Are you sure they wonít boo me?
Are you asking these kinds of questions to yourself? Chances are you have! And guess what?

You might be upset with me but I have to tell this straight on! These are the kinds of things pageant LOSERS think about. Sorry for being so blatantly blunt, but it's true.

Let's face it, there is only going to be one winner. Everyone else is going to lose, but there is one thing that is guaranteed. The winner of the pageant is going to have completely DIFFERENT thought running through their head. So what exactly goes on in a winner's mind as oppose to a loser's mind set?

Simple, it's thinking about the positive rather than the negative. Look at the comments above again (which are what most contestants think about).

These are all negative thoughts. You are thinking about it and making it happen to you. You are not helping yourself to win, instead those statements and questions are just making you worry about "what if" something bad happens. This negativity shows through in everything you do, whether it's through your smile, eye contact or GLOW.

So what should I do?

Instead, what pageant winners train themselves to think about is:

I have the best looking dress out here tonight. It makes me perfect
The judges will all eyes on me only.
Everyone is just mesmerized by my every move.
My interview went amazingly well.
Say these to yourself over and over like a mantra. Sink them deep into your mind. Live like one, stand like one, talk like one and feel like one!

Positive comments to yourself like these are what it takes to put yourself into a pageant winner mind set. Sure, they may look a little boastful, but remember, you ARE NOT saying these things to other pageant contestants, just repeating them to yourself before and during the pageant.

Change this one little thing and next time you WILL SEE dramatic improvements in your pageant results. So thatís why I say, You CAN WIN YOUR NEXT PAGEANT with just a little change in your thoughts!

Vicky Johnson is a US Beauty Pageant Analyst, and has written an ebook on the "Essential Tips and Formula for Pageant Success". You can visit her website/weblog at http://www.mybeautypageant.com

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