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Young Fashion - When Baby Needs Clothes

So you get a baby and suddenly you need to get into the Baby Fashion Scene. When I got mine I was flabbergasted when I met all the trends in baby fashion. What was that all about?? Your child apparently needs to be so very well dressed so it reflects on you being a cool parent with lots of time on your hands to be shopping for expensive brands.

And the color scheme is also changing. We just went back to the 70'ies a few years ago with all the brown, orange and striped things.

Why is it SO important that our children send out a message about us, the parents? Shouldn't it be us sending a message of who we are or are we just too busy working so we have to let our children do the "parent-branding"?

Another thing is that children are very spoiled these days. I'm not saying that is a bad thing necessarily, but they are. They get everything they want in warp speed delivery so they never learn how to wish for things. They just get it too soon, really.

I'm not into all that fashion-stuff but I know what I like when I see it and that comes to baby clothes and things as well. That's why I have written a blog including the fantastic online shops I like. You are welcome to check it out. I've gotten some really good deals in the last few months. And I've spend many hours searching for the right things.

Check it out and help me stop the "brandmania" and buy good quality from small businesses.

Trine Jorgensen reviews baby clothes online shops and have found the best and cheapest places for your convenience.