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The Secret - A Lesson in Scamming Honest Folks Woldwide

I've pondered writing this article, I didn't want to mess up my "Secret" mojo.

See we all are like magnets, right, whatever we put out into the universe we get back?

We read a book, or watch a TV show on "the secret" or the "law of attraction" and we realize that get back exactly what we put out into the Universe right? We send out good vibes, we take positive steps today and we reap the rewards tomorrow.

I'm sorry, I've got a problem with this whole thing. And the purpose of this article is not to disprove the "law of attraction" it's to expose those who seek to profit from the hype around the "law of attraction."

"The Secret" is a prickly subject for me. In a world where we have wars being waged that no one knows about, children being de-limbed for diamonds, AIDS epidemics, nationally funded starvation, child murder and rape, and all the other atrocities human-kind besets upon itself, we have a segment of the population spouting off about how if you can just visualize a better life for yourself the universe will respond to create that vision.

Do a Google search for "the secret" or "the law of attraction" and your browser will be flooded with sponsored ads for "Millionaire Business System," "Attract Wealth Today," "Learn how to Apply The Secret Principles," and my personal favorite "Choose to be Rich."

Let's Rewrite These Ads

I don't think the Universe gives a hoot about whether or not I drive a Porsche or a Pinto. I equally have a hard time buying that believing that I'm entitled to be rich is going to make it so. We all know that business and life takes hard work. We also are aware that no body is just going to wake up tomorrow and fork us over a cool half-million dollars just because we want it. Chris Gardner's character in "The Pursuit of Happyness" portrays this; Garner had to work hard to become a multi-millionaire and he was twice as smart as me, so what chance do I have?

Becoming is a process, it's a constant re-evaluation of where you are, where you are going, where you want to be, and how you are doing it. There are rich bad people everywhere, there are bad people having fun putting positive vibes into the good people's universe. What does that mean, that bad people get rewarded just like the rest of us saps?

I don't think so, if there is a "secret" "law of attraction" it is that money is not a good indicator of whether or not you are living your life by the guidelines of "the secret" and that's no secret. So next time you see pictures from Sierra Leone of a 4 year old girl hopping around on one leg ask yourself if she has watched "The Secret," maybe you can send her your copy.

Jesse lives in North Idaho with his son and dog, when he's not working--building Content Rich websites that Google loves and rewards--he finds time for fly-fishing, hiking and skiing. Jesse runs a 1920's fashion and music website: 1920's Fashion and Music Find out more about how he turned his love of 1920's Jazz and Fashion into a fulltime business: Here