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E-Blood Money - The Sick Power of Get Rich Quick

I almost felt guilty . . . Kind of like a recovering alcoholic going down the liquor isle to go smile at the selection of beers knowing he'll never buy one, but guilty just for looking.

There I was reading the information for one of those Internet get rich quick programs, thinking about different dubious ways I could make it work.

Of course, I didn't buy it, but the lure of fast cash and little work started appealing to me somewhere between the words "automated system" and "get paid daily" my eyes glazed over and a wicked smile crossed my lips. I actually started breaking down the numbers, that's how bad I got: "well if I can just put 15,000 people onto a landing page and they convert at half a percent for a 3,000 dollar product . . ."

I'd been on a content bender, and I needed to escape. I'd written and edited somewhere between 100,000 and a million words that week and I was looking to relax. Most of us who have been on the Internet for any length of time know that those programs, while not scams (semantically speaking), are simply money games designed to quickly help the newbie E-marketer part ways with their money in a desperate search for quick cash and the promise of a new life.

Most of us found Internet marketing the same way.

We get duped.

I did, maybe you did.

Some people are broken from the experience, others continue buying into every scheme and money game they can get their hands on, and others actually try to figure out how the Internet works. For me the epiphany came somewhere between Godin's Purple Cow and Levinson's Guerilla Marketing when I realized I was on a snipe hunt for the holy grail.

There's money to be made in the: "There is Money To Be Made Market."

But it isn't the kind of money I want.

That's e-blood money.

Imagine that . . .

When you finally figure it out-you don't want it anymore.

Strange the power of consciousness is, think you not? As Yoda would say.

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