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Base a Bibliography - From the Middle Ages Til Today

A bibliography can be based on the Middle Ages just as the International Medieval Bibliography that was established in 1967 and is the leading interdisciplinary bibliography of the Middle Ages. One can have a Reference Collection where photocopies of all numbered items listed in a bibliography can be found.

Bibliographies can also be found in hardcopies. One can also have a bibliography that is a searchable database dedicated to identifying publications and presentations describing the practice and application of geomorphology, just as the CGRG Bibliography of Canadian Geomorphology in Canada.

The contents ones bibliography need to be archived by a resource and the search engine can be maintained by another one. A bibliography may cover material from a long time and can contain over 13,000 references. A bibliography can be produced from contributions prepared by the all the surrounding states, just as the Baltic Marine Environment. Development of a bibliography from the very beginning of a scientific and technological cooperation in the frame of any commission, such as the bibliography on the Baltic Sea Area is considered as an essential tool for studies on pollution problems present there.

The whole bibliography can be made available as an online database. References from early times can be compiled and the bibliography can be published in printed form also. A bibliography can obtain much of the material directly from authors, institutes and libraries and to a lesser extent from monitoring journals and serials, which is the main method in case of large international databases.

This means that the content of the bibliography is unique and as such it is an important source of information for marine researchers and completes the information received from other information sources.

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