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Eighties Party Games - Back in Time Festivities

The eighties party should be the true representative of that time. It is really important that you decorate your home entirely as to the trends going in the eighties. In the invitation ask all your guests to be dressed with the fashion of eighties. There should be a lot of creative ideas that you can come up with to make sure that your guests just have a wonderful time. For this party, you can arrange the eighties party games so that everyone can just have their best time. There can be several unique eighties party games that you and your guests can plan to make the party really interesting.

Guess The Songs

Collect the songs of different artists from eighties. Just play a song once for a couple of seconds and ask the participants to answer your question, such as the name of the song or artist. The participants will be taking an active part in the game. The participant who guesses the most songs right, will be the one who will win the game. At the end you can present him or her with a CD of the best songs of the eighties, which will be something to remember. This can be a very unique idea for Eighties Party Games.

Modeling The Eighties Costumes

You need to make an airport for the models and ask every one in the party to line up as models and then cat walk on the airport. For this event you would be needing judges who could sort out as to who was the best model. This would be a surprise event as nobody would know if they would have to perform as models so this will create a whole lot excitement among the guests. You can ask the judges to tell them the different basics on which they are going to rate the models and they can just have a trial walk so they are ready to go for the final event. Then in the final event, the judges will see as to who was the best model of the eighties. This event can be a very good addition to your Eighties Party Games.

Since you are the host of the parties and getting all the data regarding the eighties and decorating the party according to it is one creative work that you have to do. Just search the different themes and decorating ideas so that you are able to work things out the best for your Eighties Party Games.

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