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Yves Saint Laurent Cosmetics

Yves Saint Laurent cosmetics are relatively new to the cosmetics scene, though not unknown. Yves Saint Laurent actually worked with Christian Dior for a good while, giving the brand the quality and marketability that it needs to really make it's presence known. Christian Dior may have never intended for Yves Saint Laurent cosmetics to be a competitor of his, but great work ethic, creativity, and smart business sense has made YLS a stand out cosmetics provider for several years now. Many refer to Yves Saint Laurent as the apprentice of Christian Dior, but this really is not the case. Yves Saint Laurent simply worked alongside Christian Dior and put all of his talents as well as what he learned working with Christian Dior to good use. The cosmetics line has been a huge success thus far, and has a lot of promise for the future.

Yves Saint Laurent cosmetics is known for its full line of cosmetics including moisturizers, foundations, blush, eye shadow, eye liner, lipstick, and more. Although the makeup side of the cosmetics line is becoming very popular, its offerings do not stop there. In fact, the Yves Saint Laurent offers a whole host of product such as fashion products, accessories, jewelry, fragrance, and ready to wear items. Such a wide line of products attracts many women because it means that they can deal with one designer for all of their beauty needs, which is becoming more and more common. Women like to deal with one designer such as Yves Saint Laurent because they know what type of quality they can count on, which is important to most women that really want to look good. It seems that this cosmetics line will just continue grow as more and more women find the one stop shopping style of buying cosmetics highly appealing.

The Yves Saint Laurent cosmetics line is actually becoming quite well known for their fragrances. The Opium Parfum retailing for $100 has become very popular and is known as a rich, fragrant scent that is neither to heavy or too light. The popular Cinema fragrance is also a beautiful scent and more affordable for many women, retailing at just $45. The Baby Doll Limited line is also building steam, proving that the Yves Saint Laurent cosmetics line is a real contender in the fragrances arena.

While the cosmetic line is gaining momentum and attracting more and more women, it can't be found just anywhere. You will find that the Yves Saint Laurent cosmetics are typically sold in higher end cosmetics retailers such as department stores or stand alone cosmetics retailers such as Sephora. If you cannot find a YSL dealer in your area, you can always check online. When you log on the Internet you can usually find some great prices on your favorite Yves Saint Laurent cosmetics as well as access to the newest and most exciting new products offered. Because the cosmetics line is high end, you won't be able to walk into a discount store and find the things that you are looking for, but you can generally find most of the products at discount prices on the Internet, which can save you a lot of money.

The Yves Saint Laurent is a great cosmetics line for everyone because it offers a little bit of everything for everyone. Prices on all of the cosmetics really do vary, but generally consumers find that all of the products are well worth the retail prices. Great make-up, fragrances, and accessories make the YSL cosmetics line one to watch now and in the future.

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