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The Ever Popular Cosmetic Surgery Facelifts

Do you turn on your television and see commercial after commercial about facelifts and improving you face to look twenty years younger? We all do if we watch any length of television. This is because cosmetic surgery facelifts are very popular in the United States today. A lot of us fear aging and looking at our wrinkles in the mirror; so we tend to go for the cosmetic surgery facelift to help improve our self-image. There are risks involved with any kind of cosmetic surgery and cosmetic surgery facelifts are no different.

Cosmetic Surgery Facelift
When you go in for the cosmetic surgery facelift, you will be put under with anesthesia. They will start at the ear moving towards the hairline to move to the other ear. They then separate the facial skin to tighten the drooping skin to create a smooth surface without wrinkles. The scars if there are any can be hidden under the hairline and ear. The excess skin is then removed.

Cosmetic surgery facelifts work off of your bone structure, so the best results are in how good your bone structure is as well as how thin your skin is. Many women who have the cosmetic surgery facelift like the windswept look; this means the skin is pulled tight even around the eyes. Most who undergo the cosmetic surgery facelift will also have eye surgery and laser cosmetic surgery to help replenish the skin tissue.

Possible Problems

* You will want to stop smoking and drinking several months before you go for surgery. Smoking can compromise your ability to heal. Drinking alcohol will affect you in recovery or with the medications supplied during and after the surgery. It is best to be cautious.
* Cosmetic surgery facelifts are usually one of the riskier procedures due to complications. You may bleed during the surgery or nerves may become damaged during the surgery. The physician is removing the skin from your face, your nerves. This means if a nerve is accidentally severed during the procedure that part of your face will not work properly.

* Those how are diabetic should not have cosmetic surgery facelifts because of the high risk.

* Check your physician’s credentials and qualifications. The higher the qualifications the better chance of having a successful surgery.

* Cost is also important in finding a qualified surgeon. You will not want someone who is offering you an extreme discount for the cosmetic surgery facelift. This may mean they are not reputable.

Cosmetic surgery facelifts should not be taken lightly. You need to research the doctors, clinics, and cost before you have the procedure performed.

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