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Valve Covers for Any Car Made out of Transparent Carbon Nano Tubes

There are endless applications for carbon nano tubes due to their strength and abilities to conduct electricity. In fact due to their lightweight, strength, transparency and ability to hold a charge the uses are truly endless indeed. One excellent use for transparent carbon nano tubes would be to make automobile engine valve covers out of them for easy inspection and insurance that the valves are being well lubricated with oil and are working correctly.

If transparent valve covers were used there would be engines showing longer life and better lubrication equates to less friction, which means better fuel mileage. Since valve covers are already on every car, it would be easy to replace all those valve covers with carbon nano tube covers to increase longevity of the motor, insure proper lubrication and increase performance and fuel economy. This also means less pollution in our air for all the Global Warming Alarmists out there.

In the future carbon nano tube construction will be easy and valve covers can be properly molded to fit any car you choose. Additionally those who did not want transparency in their valve covers could opt for opaque ones, which when hit with a certain frequency from the mechanic at the dealership would turn transparent for them to have a look see without charging you to take them off and re-install simply to check and see if everything is okay. Transparent carbon nano tubes for valve covers will be common place by 2020, bet me! Think on this.

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