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In recent years, and thanks to people like Jennifer Lopez and P. Diddy who now design clothes, urban fashion has become some of the most popular types of clothing in the market. In addition to icon status of the people who design urban clothing, another factor that make urban clothing very popular is the popularity of the hip-hop culture that brought about a fashion trend that reflects the attitude of the rap culture. Given these, it can be expected that as the hip-hop culture continues to thrive, the clothing that comes with it will remain very popular.

Hip-hop can trace its origins back the late 70?s, when people like DJ Cool They are the pioneers in the hip-hop genre. In addition, people like Run DMC, who wore some of the most unique accessories such as tracksuits and huge clock necklaces, were the people who started the 'phat' look that defined hip-hop clothing. However, in recent times, the word 'phat' has come to mean a number of things, especially in hip-hop clothing. This is because there are now quite a number of fashion items that define the 'phat' look. Some of these are the baseball hats, bandanas, and skullcaps that every hip-hop enthusiast has nowadays.

In addition to these, 'hoodies' or shirts with a hood top are also one of the most popular types of clothes that define the hip-hop crowd, together with football jerseys and pullovers. With regard to jeans, hip-hop enthusiasts prefer those that are baggy, because as with other things in hip-hop, the bigger the better. As for shoes, basketball sneakers are still the preferred option, especially those made for 'His Airness' Michael Jordan, who is still very much revered in hip-hop.

As the hip-hop culture continues to be very popular, especially among young people, the clothes that come with it have also become popular, evidence are the clothing lines that are designed by some of the most popular hip-hop artists such as P. Diddy. Given this, and given the expected increased popularity of hip-hop, this type of urban clothing has become the signature of future generations of hip-hop enthusiasts.

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