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Why Vintage Clothing is a Great Environmental Choice

With all the latest buzz of helping the environment, wearing vintage clothing is a great choice. Not only is having some vintage items in your wardrobe a unique statement, but no energy resources have been wasted! A perfect way to contribute to saving our environment is to recycle clothing and other household items.

We have become a world of disposable items. When something breaks, we throw it out. When we are bored of an item we throw it out. When we no longer want an item in our home - we throw it out. Imagine making one pile of all the garbage in the world in all the landfills - this probably cannot even be measured as it's too big. Just imagine....

The beauty of vintage clothing is our ability to see a new use for an old item. Recycling is easy....not to mention cost effective. For those craftier folks, vintage fabrics can be fashioned into a new piece of clothing or household item! Using new threads, zippers, buttons and trims are generally the only additions. Think about taking a loved piece of clothing to a tailor and having it updated instead of throwing it out. This can be as simple as shortening hemlines, taking in jackets, replacing buttons...get creative!

Lots of vintage sites have been doing this for years. A piece of clothing that is generally in good condition but just needs a little TLC can be turned into something wonderful. This practise is catching on and consumers are eager to own a one-of-a-kind piece. A vintage item with a modern twist can be incorporated into any wardrobe. This has even been shown on major fashion runways with well known designers.

Choose to buy vintage or antique items for your wardrobe or your home. It is a wise, friendly and environmentally positive choice - stay green with vintage!