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Portable Stripper Poles - How To Buy A Good Pole

Pole dancing is hot right now.

You may have heard about it on tv or read about a celebrity who pole dances to keep fit. If youíre thinking about getting a pole yourself, you may be stuck. Where can I find portable stripper poles? You canít just hop in the car and head to Home Depot. This is a specialty item.

Do you sell portable stripper poles here?

Is this really a question you want to go around asking people? Maybe if you live in LA, no one would care. They probably have stripper pole shops in LA. But thatís not where you live. SoÖwhat do you do?

Well, first. Letís talk about portable stripper poles.

You can get a permanent pole; it doesnít have to be portable. For example, you can have a permanent pole installed in your bedroom. But two points to consider:

1. When you have guests or relatives over, they might ask you about it.

2. When youíre not using it, the pole takes up space in your room.

Now letís get into portable stripper poles. These are by far the most popular, because of their versatility. You can easily put them up and take them down, and they are just as sturdy as a permanent pole.

Portable poles are height adjustable. This allows you to move the pole from room to room in your home. If you donít want to dance in your bedroom, you can take it to another room. Even if you have vaulted ceilings in your house, thatís not a problem.

Portable stripper poles DO travel. You can buy a travel bag to carry your pole wherever you go. When you move out of your apartment or buy a new house, you can take it with you.

Wherever you buy your portable stripper pole, make sure they sell strong and sturdy ones. Youíll be doing things like spins, inverts, and climbs. You donít want the pole falling over while youíre on it. Ouch. After doing a bit of research online, you should be able to tell who makes reputable poles. Go with a trusted name.

Aimee Martinez is the proud owner of a portable stripper pole. She got into pole dancing after seeing it on an episode of Oprah. Visit her site to learn more about portable stripper poles and pole dancing fitness.