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Check Your Attitude - You Cannot Sell Ice To An Eskimo

Can you sell ice to an Eskimo? What about ice cream to an Eskimo? How about ice cubes?

If you said yes to the above questions, then congratulations, you suck as a salesperson!

Of course, nobody sells ice to an Eskimo. That is just a metaphor. But some salespeople love to boast that they can. It is my belief that those salespeople that claim to be able to sell ice to an Eskimo are actually bad salespeople. It is this cocky attitude that represents everything bad about the sales profession. When you say you can sell ice to an Eskimo, you are basically saying that you will sell anything to anybody, no matter if they actually need what you are selling or not. An Eskimo does not need ice.

Think about the image of the slimy used car salesman. People hate this person and everything he represents. He is out to make a buck at the expense of anybody he can swindle. He doesn’t care if he sells you a lemon as long as he gets paid his commission. It is cocky people like this that give sales professionals a bad image.

So, would you still want to sell ice to an Eskimo? If you sell something that doesn't actually need your product, your client will eventually come to terms with this fact and will probably end up telling others. You will eventually get a bad reputation and lose future customers. You can forget about getting future business referrals as well. People will generally dislike you.

Stop selling ice to Eskimos!

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