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All About the Beauty Pageant

Beauty pageants are a program that is fun for adults, teens, and children alike. There are baby beauty pageants, teen beauty pageants and adult beauty pageants. Sometimes there are many prizes, and other times there are no prizes, but just the satisfaction of knowing what you have accomplished.

If you have a baby

Baby beauty pageants are an exciting movement, one that has been around for many generations. Babies that are cute, funny or just comical are on display for votes and for the review of judges. From there, the top ten are generally picked, and a number one is appointment. Often times the types of promotions that are used in baby pageants, include baby food or baby clothing businesses. In order to boost their business and make their target audience aware of what they are selling, baby pageants are held to determine which baby fits what category and then prizes are awarded.

Teen beauty pageant

A teen beauty pageant is one that is generally held every year, for the male and the females. The boys and girls are those who are hip, cool, natural looking, that have great grades, and that could have: great skin, a valuable hobby, care for the environment or they are involved in agricultural events. Just about every county has a four H club, and from there, a Dairy princess is chose. These are beauty pageants. In every state, there is a Miss awarded under 18 and there is a Miss awarded for those who are over eighteen. Scholarships, money, cars, prizes and such are often times given away for those involved in teen beauty pageants.

Adult beauty pageants are not limited to those such as the Miss America, or the Miss World, there are also Mrs. USA, and Mrs. pageants for about every state. There are also teacher beauty pageants, business hold pageants for locals only, and there are others that are based on those who are nominated by another.

Additionally there are more types of beauty pageants held every year, and you may just want to enter one. There are the muscle builder's pageants, there are bikini contests, and there are contests that are based on local communities offering prizes for beauty pageants for those who are in all types of age ranges. There are even pageants for those who are cute, beautiful, funny, comical, daring, outrageous and so on, for promotions of just about every product out there. If you want to win, you have to enter.

A beauty pageant can be based on beautiful legs, fingers, the face, the butt, and the muscles, just about anything! If you want to get involved in a beauty pageant you are sure to find one that will give you the best time of your life while entering to win!

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