Your Behaviors Around Women Forms Your Identity With Women

The behaviors that you consistently do around women help to form the basis of your identity with women. Changing your behaviors around women will also change your identity with women. This is why many men who are in a happy relationship with a woman, suddenly find more women attracted to them even when their partner isn't with them. Their behavior has changed and thus so has their identity with women. Yet, as soon as you find yourself single, instead of maintaining the behaviors that you know and saw were attracting women.

You chose to change your behaviors, which in turn changes your identity with women. Does this mean that your identity with women is limited to your experiences with women? No, it is simply limited by how you interpret your experiences with women.

Your identity with women is nothing but the decisions you have made and what you have decided. Sometimes, for whatever reason, a man decides that he cannot attract women and his behaviors act in accordance with that, which becomes his identity with women. Yet, when a man decides that he can attract women his behaviors act in accordance and his identity with women will reflect that as well.

No matter if you have or have not experienced attracting women for yourself yet. You can choose to behave in a way that you know will attract women. Once you master this your identity with women is sure to follow. The most important thing to remember is that once you control your behaviors around women you control your identity as well.

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