Why Mary Kay

Well, lets compare. I'll tell you what I know about Mary Kay products and you compare them to what you are using and then you decide. Sounds fair right?

First of all Mary Kay is known for it's Powerhouse, Number 1 selling brand of skin care products. And most importantly ALL Mary Kay products are 100% guaranteed. Not just guaranteed for the first 30 days or the first few times you use the product, but for the LIFE of the product. No more having a drawer full of products you don't use, don't like, or don't look on you the way you thought they would. Your Mary Kay consultant gives you personal service by letting you TRY the products, before you buy them, in your home. She can give you recommendations for the skin type, color, and shade. You buy the products and begin to use them. If for ANY reason you are not completely satisfied - no questions asked - you can swap out your product for something else, exchange it for another like product or get a refund of your money. How many other companies give you this option?

The Mary Kay company was started by Mary Kay Ash in 1963. She founded her company on the philosophy of the Golden Rule and used it as a way to enrich women's lives by giving them the opportunity to look beautiful and have their own business with all the support needed to be successful. Today that simple philosophy has grown into a massive sales force of consultants from all walks of life and all races and social backgrounds.

Mary Kay offers a large variety of skin care products:

  1. Classic Basic; Timewise- for anti-aging; products for teenage skin
  2. Age fighting eye creams; extra hydration products; age fighting lip primer
  3. Color cosmetics consisting of eye color, cheek color, lip color, and nail polish
  4. Compacts, applicators, and brushes
  5. Body care with the Private Spa Collection: scented sugar scrubs, moisturizing lotions, Visibly Fit Body Lotion, Satin Hands and Body
  6. Fragrance collections for both women and men
So I must ask you again. Why Mary Kay? Maybe I need to ask why use anything else? What other company directs you to their website and then offers you a virtual makeover complete with recommendations for your face, eye and mouth shape? Gives suggestions for you using hair and skin color and gives you an opportunity to buy with a 100% money back guarantee. And an ADDED ADVANTAGE to looking at the Mary Kay website is the weekly $1000 give-away until November 4, 2006. For the entire week after Thanksgiving beginning on Friday November 24 Mary Kay is giving away $1000 every day. You can register at my website every day with no obligation to buy.

My name is Joan Brooks. I am a full time speech clinician with the public schools in Louisville, KY and a part time Mary Kay consultant living in Southern Indiana. Please visit my website and decide for yourself if Mary Kay is for you. Leave a message telling me what you think of the website and what products you might like to try. I'll send you FREE samples. www.marykay.com/joanbrooks

Source: www.articlecity.com