What Women Want In A Man - 4 Absolute Must Haves For Every Man

This is one of the most difficult questions to answer. What do women really want and look for in a man? A lot has been said and talked about this topic all over but the real answer is yet to be discovered. What makes women choose certain men over others? On what basis and criteria do women base their decisions on? Read on to find out what women really want in a man and how you can use it to achieve better results with women.

Real confidence- Most men carry a false confidence around thinking it might impress women. Women want real confidence in a man not a temporary fake one. Women are very quick to pick up on whether a man is confident or not and would definitely know your true colors with time. Therefore learn to develop confidence from within and not to temporarily fake it.

You better have options- This is one of the main things all women want in a man. Women like to choose the best of the lot and you simply can not be the best if you do not have enough options to choose from yourself. Give her the impression that you have enough fish in the pond and more than enough women out there desperate to go out with you. The more wanted you are by other females the more your preferred woman would chase you.

You know what you want- All real men know what they want and this is what all women want in a man. You better have a perfect vision regarding where you need to be in life and what you want out of it.

You are better than the rest- All women want their men to feel good about themselves no matter what. The more good you feel about yourself the more attracted women would be towards you. Even if you are not better than the rest only having an attitude of being better gives you tremendous self confidence and it reflects on your personality.

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