Used Clothing Wholesale Business

While I have never wholesaled used clothing, I am aware that there is a very large market for it.

Used clothing usually is collected by charities such as your local thrift shop to national organizations such as the Salvation Army.

The purpose of their collections is usually to provide homeless and poor people with clothing.

But in reality they receive more donations than they can use. And since they have limited amounts of spacer at their disposal they need to get rid of much of the clothing that they receive.

So what happens to all the donated used clothing?

Much of it ends up in the hands of exporters.

These exporters will send the clothing by container to poorer countries in Africa and South America, where people are willing to buy used clothing.

A significant percentage of the used clothing also stays in the United States, where it is sold to lower income people who are happy to buy what is often high quality, but previously worn clothing.

Can you make selling used clothing?

It all depends on your clientele, and at the price point that you purchase the used clothing for.

Just keep in mind that as the price of new clothing continues to drop, there is less and less of a demand for used clothing.

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