Top 40 Personality Traits to Use in Your Personal Ad to Attract Women Like Crazy!

When posting a personal ad online or running a personal ad in a publication, it is critical how you describe yourself if you want to attract single women to respond to your ad. There are certain personality traits women are looking for in a man and if you possess these traits it will increase your luck in attracting the girls of your dreams for love and romance and your dating life will skyrocket.

So, to give yourself a competitive edge in getting single women interested in answering your personal ad I highly recommend using these personality traits to describe yourself:

  • affectionate*

  • ambitious

  • articulate

  • bright

  • caring*

  • confident

  • creative

  • dependable

  • educated

  • energetic

  • enthusiastic

  • financially secure*

  • fit

  • friendly

  • fun-loving*

  • generous

  • good-hearted*

  • handsome*

  • hardworking

  • healthy

  • highly motivated

  • honest

  • intelligent*

  • loving*

  • muscular

  • non-smoking*

  • one-woman man*

  • organized

  • outgoing

  • professional*

  • religious*

  • responsible

  • romantic*

  • smart

  • successful

  • warm

  • well-educated*

  • well-groomed*

  • witty

  • youthful

* These are highly effective in capturing a woman's heart on make her want to answer your ad.

Whatever you do, don't use any of these traits if they don't apply to you. If you lie about yourself, it will be discovered once she gets to know you. Then when she discovers that you were dishonest she may dump you. So, please be honest in your personal ads!

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