Old Japanese Cars are Perfect for Young Car Enthusiasts, Heres Why

Japanese cars seem to be way ahead of their time. Take the R32 GTR for example. This is an old Japanese car and when you compare it to some of todayís sports cars the r32 GTR is still one of the best. With over 200 horsepower this car really stood out compared to the other cars on the market.

So why would you buy a new car today and pay 10 times more then buying an old Japanese car? If you buy an older model Japanese car with low kilometres and seems to be in good condition then you have nothing to worry about.

Old Japanese cars are really the way to go if you want to get into the performance car scene. They are very affordable and when taken down the drag strip they can keep up with todayís performance cars. No, Iím not saying a 1990 Turbo Silvia will keep up with a new Ferrari. Iím talking about cars in the same price bracket.

You can get a 1990 R32 GTR for around $18,000 and if you wanted a brand new car with the performance of a GTR you would be paying over $35,000. So with that said, buying an old Japanese car is definitely the way to go.

Buying an old Japanese car is not hard at all. You will need to find a car exporter in Japan and then import it. Once the car is imported you will need to comply it to meet transport regulations. You can then register it and drive it on the roads.

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