Nude Real Estate Sales Have Special Solutions

Most buyers of existing homes just have to open their newspapers to see literally hundreds of houses for sale. They can choose from an almost unlimited number of styles, sizes, price ranges, and locations. There are, however, certain niche markets that appeal to only a small number of buyers. Marketing to those buyers requires special techniques. One such subgroup is the nudist/clothing optional home buyer. When you are looking for a house in a nudist/clothing optional community there are only a limited number of properties available - and they are usually located hundreds or thousands of miles away from home.

How, then, does a potential buyer from Ohio or Wisconsin find an appropriate property to buy? Many nudists/naturists belong to one or more of the national and international organizations that promote nude living and recreation. In the publications that these organizations distribute, houses for sale are often listed in the classified advertising section. The trouble is, a person in Idaho or Oregon cannot tell the difference between various properties that are for sale. The ads all sound the same and all claim to be in the best location in the community. There is no way to verify the claims made in the ads except by making an on-site visit. Although an on-site inspection should always be made, it should not be the first step in the home buying process. Doing so would be prohibitively costly.

There are real estate agents who specialize in this niche market, but they usually have more than one listing at a time. Descriptions given over the phone or via e-mailed photos often create confusion, since the buyer is told about several houses at the same time.

How then does a seller make sure that his house is the one on which an offer will be made? The best way is to have a virtual tour of the property that shows and tells the benefits. Agent websites have multiple properties listed. If a seller refers a potential client to an agent's website, he might be helping the agent to sell a competing property. A seller needs a place where only his property is showcased. Although this has been available for some time to "textile" home sellers, nothing comparable existed for the nudist/clothing optional seller.

A national organization, ZIZZIT, has introduced a special division just to help the nudist/clothing optional home seller. The specialized techniques and extraordinary privacy that they provide help the nudist/clothing optional home seller sell his or her home quickly and for the highest possible price.

Dr. Marc Seligman founded ZIZZIT in order to bring the power of the World Wide Web (the Internet) to the average person. With a strong belief that every home seller should have equal access to the most powerful Internet marketing tools, he has created a marketing system geared towards individuals who want to maximize their profits while reducing their work. There are no hidden catches or fine print, just a well-defined path to success. Dr. Seligman holds an earned doctorate from Lehigh University in the field of Educational Technology. His study and research in the area of Learning Theory make the ZIZZIT program unique in the real estate field. The newly opened division for nudist/clothing optional real estate sales can be accessed at

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