MAC Cosmetics - Why I Fell in Love With MAC Cosmetics

Have you ever wondered why MAC cosmetics always seem to outdo the competition? What is it that makes MAC so much better than a drug store brand, or even more expensive lines that can only be found at high end make up counters? The secret, if you ask me, is to look at who founded the company and why. Back in the early to mid nineteen eighties, Frank Toskan was working as a make up artist and photographer. He found that none of the make up brands that were available held up well under the extreme lighting conditions, causing bad photographs. Since there was an opening in the market for a versatile and reliable cosmetic line, Toskan teamed up with Frank Angelo, who owned a chain of hair salons.

The result was MAC Cosmetics, which was established in 1985. The company's motto was all ages, all races, all sexes and if you take a look at the variety of celebrities who have endorsed the company over the years, it's easy to see that they strive to live up to their slogan. Everyone from RuPaul to K.D. Lang to Christina Aguilera has lent their names and faces to the MAC Campaign. Even Barbie and Elton John have gotten in on the fun, two characters that you wouldn't normally expect to endorse a cosmetics line.

MAC cosmetics really stand head and shoulders above any other similar product line, mainly because the line was created by industry insiders who knew what they were looking for and needed in good make up. The colors are beautiful and intense, and always look on your face the same way they look in the box. Too frequently you have to pile on the eyeshadow or mascara to get the color that you're looking for, but with MAC what you see is what you get.

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