Keeping In Fashion Is An Ongoing Process

Since fashion trends are always changing, keeping in fashion is an ongoing process. Broadly speaking there are two aspects to keeping in fashion. The first is to know what is in fashion and the second is to acquire it. Different sections of society cope with these issues in different ways.

There are some people who do not care what is in fashion because they feel that they set the fashion. Movie stars wearing outrageous costumes to the Oscars or pop stars doing likewise on stage shows belong to this category. Often what they wear becomes the rage overnight with everybody trying to emulate them. Unfortunately this is a dwindling breed. So for the most part people have to find out what is in fashion from secondary sources.

This is not a problem because there is no dearth of information. There are magazines that tell one what is fashionable to wear, what is fashionable to eat, where one should go for a holiday if one wants to be in fashion, and even what one should be seen drinking on a Saturday afternoon at the club after a game of tennis. And there are magazines that tell us what is out of fashion. If one is not the print media type there are limitless web sites telling the same things. And in any event one cannot help but notice the Madison Avenue billboards dictating to people how they should lead their lives.

The problem is that obtaining what is in fashion costs a fortune, especially if one wants to be the first to have it. If one cannot splurge that much one has to wait a while for the first show to be over and the prices to come down. If one cannot splurge at all one has to settle for cheaper imitations and budget offers. Thus keeping in fashion is an activity that can be matched to suit ones pocket.

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