Importing a Japanese Used Car

The majority of used car buyers do not even consider purchasing from a Japanese car auction, because they believe it is too difficult. However if you understand the correct process then you will find it is not that hard at all. He is a snapshot of how to import a find and import a Japanese car.

1. Find out all the legalities of importing a car from Japan into your country.

2. If you are still looking for the right Japanese car, then find the best Japanese Car Auction websites, and start your search today.

3. Make sure you check the market price before you give the go ahead to your buyer to purchase your chosen car. Always decide your budget and set a limit that you will not go above when it comes to auction day. There will always be another car that you like, so there is no need to spend more than you have set.

4. Make sure you check the authenticity of the exporter/dealer before issuing them with a check. This can be confirmed through the Japanese embassy in your country, or by checking that the dealer is a member of JUMVEA - the most reputable organization in the Japanese used car industry.

5. Once the car has arrived in your country, you will have to reproduce the documents that were sent to you by the dealer. You will need to pay an import tax, get your Japanese car tested and insured. Once this is all done, you are free to drive your new car home.

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