How To Become A Hollister Model - How To Become A Hollister Model Guide

Where To Start

As with any modelling job you need to have the basics before you can get started, You know what job you want and this is what you need to get you on your way. Prepare your self a portfolio a number of poses in different locations include a few theme shorts with props look in your magazines for ideas on the sort of thing that is selling well on the modelling market.

How To Find A Good Agency

There are hundreds of agency’s out there and also just as many scams too you need to make sure what you are joining is a reputable company not one that will not get you any were you want to be. Porn is a growing commodity and there is a fine line between this. that’s where a scam could come in to play. After doing a lot of research I have found what I believe to be a good place to start your career it is called Model scouts. Com. You should spend time looking for one that meets your needs and makes your dreams a reality.

What They Can Do For You

They represent you to over one hundred top modelling scouts and casting directors from international bases. People behind them like the Americas next top model winner NICOLE L who landed an international contract. And the runner up of the show FINALIST JADE C who landed a international contract and FURONDA B who Uses them for her international representation. So with high rollers as these they must be good. They offer contact in the modelling world and have numerous testimonials stating they are the best in the industry.

What You Have To Do

Fill in there online application form and send in your photos, this can be done online by email of by post, once they receive your work they will prepare it into a professional profile and send it of to over 100 international scouts and agency’s all this is done within twenty fore hours of receiving your information. They review your photos to access your potential to work in a number of modelling markets like Paris and Milan, New York and Los Angeles, London, Germany and Spain, Australia, Greece, Tokyo, Singapore, Taipei and Korea. After this you will be notified within ten working business days. This will be letting you know if there is an international agency that wishes to work with you of if you are lucky enough to get a signing or a management contract all there staff have over 25 years experience in their fields like international modelling agents fashion industry professionals, makeup artists, stylists and fashion photographers and scouts.

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