Beauty, The Fight To Get It

It is not only women that strive for beauty. Men too want to look good, maybe to turn the head of a lady or to impress the boss at work. No matter whom you are, many people strive for this characteristic. Each person, though, strives for it in a different way and for very different reasons then the next. Beauty is always a subjective manner. In saying that, there are many ways in which the beauty of a person is truly revealed.

One of the largest markets in the world is the fashion and beauty industry. Millions of dollars are spent each year on different products and different clothing to create the most beautiful person. This can be anything from make up to shoes. How many of the commercials do you see on television that has something to do with beauty products? In fact, this industry has even gone so far as to put commercials for their products within the television shows we watch every day. Have you ever noticed a brand name product displayed on a bathroom sink? How about an actress talking about her favorite designer by name? Yes, you got it. These are mini commercials to advertise beauty products.

Is there anything wrong with wanting beauty? No of course not. In fact, more and more women are coming back to a natural beauty, one that is not full of tons of make up and glamour, but shows off their natural features. This type of beauty, natural, is one of the most beautiful types of all. By all means, if you have the money and have the desire for beautiful products, why shouldn’t you invest in it? These aspects are very important to men and women alike and should show the true meaning of the market.

Take what you will and run with it! Beauty is all in the personality of the individual. It can be expressed in many ways including through make up, clothes, and accessories. It can also be expressed in the lack of these features as well. Beauty is a wonderful quality that should be treasured. Of course, we all know and should believe that true beauty lies within, but who’s really counting anyway? Let’s get beauty!

Emily Jackson